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Carlisle is in the house for several reasons. One - it's a rare sunny afternoon. Two - he doesn't have a shift until this evening.

Three - it's actually quiet. Most of the family is out.

So Carlisle's in one of the sitting areas by a stretch of windows, pen and notebook in hand.

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Rosalie is upstairs, finishing up her shower after several hours of work in the garage.

Carlisle might hear some soft humming coming from her bathroom.

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There's that initial hint of embarrassment, when she realizes Carlisle is in the house and could hear her. But it's quickly forgotten and she can't help but smile.

"Alright, I didn't," she replies tauntingly, her tone clearly implying that her statement is in no way a guarantee.

She's done washing, but she continues to let the hot, steamy water run over her hair and shoulders. Just another minute or so.

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"I don't know; I think she was looking at me funny," Rosalie teases.

Letting out a breath almost like a sigh, she turns off the water and reaches for her towel.

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Rosalie dries herself off. She doesn't bother to use the blowdryer on her hair right now, settling for pinning it up instead. She slips on a light, comfortable white sundress and makes her way downstairs.

"So what have you been doing so quietly all this time?" she asks, leaning over the banister on the second-to-last step.

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"True," is all Rosalie says, and she leans her cheek on one hand.

He doesn't look up, so she's free to enjoy his smile. Carlisle has maybe the second-best smile in the Cullen household, in Rosalie's opinion. It's soft and warm, like the silver lining on cloud.

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Rosalie's smile widens. She can't help thinking it's sweet.

She saunters over and sits down beside him on the armrest. "It's beautiful," she says. "Are you going to show her when you're finished?"

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Rosalie giggles.

"I can understand that. But you know she'd think it was sweet."

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"Yes. Because Esme would say something like that. About you."

Rosalie is just barely containing more giggling behind her sarcasm.

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The giggles come out when Carlisle twacks her. She playfully nudges his shoulder back.

"Sure, I'd like that," she replies both enthusiastically and sincerely, as she leans forward slightly.

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Ooh, big mistake.

"Wait, who's that?" Rosalie asks, touching Carlisle's wrist to stop him from flipping.

Hopefully, Carlisle won't expect her to let this go. Because she's not going to.

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"How so?" Rosalie asks, genuinely curious.

It could be anything, really. You never know with Milliways. Rosalie is finding herself more interested with the place and the people there, now that she's decided to start visiting more often.

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Rosalie blinks.

"The tarot card?"

Why would he use that comparison? Rosalie hasn't put the pieces together yet.

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"She sounds... very mysterious," Rosalie notes.

"How long have you known her?"