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Carlisle, for as much as he spends the majority of his time buried in books, is leaning over his computer's keyboard and squinting at the monitor as though that would improve his comprehension somewhat.

Why are there so many pictures on here of what people eat for breakfast?
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Carlisle gently holds Meg a little bit tighter in one arm just long enough to reach out and turn the doorknob to the empty bedroom that Bar gave him access to for Meg.

"Forgive me," Carlisle starts. "But since I don't know who might be in the infirmary right now, I don't want to take a chance of not quarantining you."
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Miss Isabella Swan
care of Police Chief Charles Swan
Forks, Washington


I am writing to you about a number of subjects of utmost import, but all revolves around one gargantuan fact. Namely, that Edward has asked for your hand in marriage, and you have - in your silence and indecision - placed the entirety of my family at your mercy. You call us together to stand alongside you against the wishes of a member of our own family and yet you presume to dictate to us that marriage is somehow more burdensome than the life we live every second of our existence.

I do not deny you your freedom of choice. I do not hesitate to note your youth, or lack of experience in life when it comes to decisions which will irrevocably alter your charted course through it. But please, I beg you, understand this. I have defamed my once-sacrosanct belief about the necessity to protect all life - for you. Because I believed you were the only way to keep my family safe. And now you risk it. Again. This is an incredible insult to not only myself, but my family as a whole. It is the value that I place upon Edward's love for you only that I even deign to explain this to you as you have demonstrated the need to do.

Do not attempt to address me in person about this. At least, not yet. If you feel the need to respond, do so via Milliways. I will not entertain any intercession from Edward on the topic at this juncture.

I will still uphold my word as given previously. I no longer do so willingly.


Dr. Carlisle Cullen, M.D.
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Everyone is back.

Well. Not entirely - Carlisle assumes Edward is with Bella, at present. But Esme has been keeping herself occupied by forgiving Carlisle his self-imposed exclusion from events for the past little while. (Alice continues to regularly stop by his again-office to make sure he's 'not boring himself'.)

He thinks the flicker of movement at his open door is Alice.

But the hair is too blonde.
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He didn't have a choice, in coming here. There had been avoidance several times, seeing blue shimmering doorways and choosing instead to walk around the entirety of the house to get to the other side.

Milliways wasn't having it anymore; Carlisle was taken as soon as he sat down in the driver's seat of his car and found himself in the bar's garage.

Carlisle walks up the stairs from the garage onto the main level of Milliways. Might as well check in at the infirmary. Do something useful.
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It's cold in Ithica.

It does not effect Carlisle as he walks from the classroom where he has been teaching night courses in Anatomy and Physiology at the community college back to his car.

(He didn't see the student trying to catch him in the hallway to ask a question about the homework. Carlisle hasn't been all that observant of late.)
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It all started out so well.

Alice was beside herself with the prospect of getting to plan a party for Bella, and Edward - though putting up at least a mild front of trying to calm his sister down - was actually enjoying himself. Emmett placated both Rosalie and himself by installing the new stereo system he had acquired into Bella's decrepit truck; Esme went to the Staples to find envelopes that her tickets to Jacksonville would fit into without bending them.

Paper. All it took was paper.

Oh, Edward's piano.

I had to be the doctor. Stitch up the love of Edward's eternity, make sure she was safe. Bella of course had other concerns.

"I look at my...son.
His strength, his goodness, the brightness that shines out of him
-- and it only fuels that hope, that faith, more than ever.
How could there not be more for one such as Edward?

I burned the used gauze and blood trail; I listened to those trying to talk Jasper down and calm him - he was projecting like a madman and I felt his grief at the lack of control in my chest. Even my wife could not bear it, and I could not go to her.

I tried to explain it all to Bella. I have to make her understand.

"Tonight is exactly the kind of thing
that he fears the most.
You being put in danger,
because of what we are."

It did not work and I know it.

I do not have enough sutures for this.


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Carlisle is in the house for several reasons. One - it's a rare sunny afternoon. Two - he doesn't have a shift until this evening.

Three - it's actually quiet. Most of the family is out.

So Carlisle's in one of the sitting areas by a stretch of windows, pen and notebook in hand.
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An old face. Calmer, older, and yet all the same unchanged.

At least he's not running for his life, now. And he knows where he is.

For Carlisle Cullen, this is always a good start.

E/C. Ohio.

Apr. 28th, 2010 09:23 pm
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A week. Just a week. Carlisle kissed him and Edward was perfect in every singl --

"Stop that, please."

Carlisle smiles up at the ceiling, leaving his fingers entwined in peaks of brownish hair, its owner leaning back against Carlisle's ribs. "Stop what?"

"Stop thinking I am perfect. It's not necessary," and Carlisle adds what he hazards Edward's belief to be. That he thinks it is not true.

"I am entitled to my opinion, my Edward. You are still learning." Though you appear to be quite adept as certain new skill sets. I will have to work to keep up with you. Edward sits up at that, full speed, twisting to look straight at Carlisle watching him with an amused kind of expression - as though Carlisle expected it all.

What? Carlisle asks.

"I'm...simply surprised to hear you mention anything of that kind. You are not normally so deciphered."

Quietly, "Are you complaining?"

It is here that Edward leans forward. Hands drawn to muscles, pectoralis major and Edward's mouth curves up in an imperfect parethetical around his nose. Gold to gold, Edward's fingers curl to drag a few nails over Carlisle's skin.

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The Bell Harbor Conference Center is a little over three hours away from Forks if one is very nice and obedient with regards to the speed limit.

Carlisle...isn't so much, so he'd told Esme that he'd go to the medical conference, present his paper, and drive right back. "I know it's a little late notice, but the hospital found my research notes and had me write up a paper, and then they said that they could get some funding if it were presented this weekend. I'll be back quickly."
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Things have calmed considerably at home, but Carlisle is hesitating to leave Milliways so immediately after his shift.

Presently he is outside, debating going back in to retrieve a cigarette.
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Carlisle has been keeping as much of an eye on Bella as he can given the fact that she doesn't precisely fall in his rotation at the moment, but it serves the double purpose of making sure that Edward doesn't skip too much school in order to stay with her. He uses the justification of making sure he retrieves her assignments in order to motivate him to go - Edward still continues to manage looking highly displeased at the whole affair.

Bella is asleep the next time Carlisle checks on her that afternoon, so Carlisle heads back to his office to catch up on paperwork.
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Edward and Carlisle in the hospital waiting room, Carlisle desperately trying to piece together how to have Edward focus on anything else besides his mental self-flagellation.

Carlisle doesn't succeed. He didn't expect to.

But the cell phone in his pocket buzzes and Carlisle reaches for it automatically, flipping it open.

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Carlisle is slowing Edward down and they both realize it so it remains unspoken.

As they travel, Carlisle keeps up with the rest of his family as best as he can and as much as is safe.

From: 360-227-4753 (Carlisle)
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Carlisle has been running for days. If he keeps it up much longer he'll end up in Portugal.

Judging by the patrons of the bar where Carlisle just entered?

He's run a lot farther than that.
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Things have been settling down at chez Cullen. Enough that Carlisle actually bothers with the television set.

He's laughing at the History Channel.
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Work is a refuge for Carlisle as much as it is a livelihood for his family, their veneer of normalcy.

Even if Carlisle has started to see things.

She appears the first few times just for a second. A girl with unmistakable bright blue eyes and golden-white braids in a grey hoodie in the walkway at the hospital watching him when he has a crisis to deal with and can't stop to think about it. Watching him solemnly, and when he looks up, he sees her just in time for someone to pass in front of her and she's gone with inhuman speed.

It's even gone so far as to walk outside the ambulance bay, swearing he saw a flash of blond and fleece he recognized.

Long day, he surmises. Time to hang up the lab coat in the office and clock out.
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A couple of days have passed since the incident in Milliways. Rosalie is furious at the recklessness of everyone involved, while Emmett is more aggravated that he wasn't called upon to help, though voicing that opinion gets him smacked in the back of the head by Esme.

Carlisle has been quiet in the meantime, but he comes home from a shift after the children are home from school and waits until dusk to ask Edward to come for a run with him.
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