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Dr. Carlisle Cullen ([personal profile] ofthefamily) wrote2011-02-21 07:45 pm

Carlisle's letters.

Miss Isabella Swan
care of Police Chief Charles Swan
Forks, Washington


I am writing to you about a number of subjects of utmost import, but all revolves around one gargantuan fact. Namely, that Edward has asked for your hand in marriage, and you have - in your silence and indecision - placed the entirety of my family at your mercy. You call us together to stand alongside you against the wishes of a member of our own family and yet you presume to dictate to us that marriage is somehow more burdensome than the life we live every second of our existence.

I do not deny you your freedom of choice. I do not hesitate to note your youth, or lack of experience in life when it comes to decisions which will irrevocably alter your charted course through it. But please, I beg you, understand this. I have defamed my once-sacrosanct belief about the necessity to protect all life - for you. Because I believed you were the only way to keep my family safe. And now you risk it. Again. This is an incredible insult to not only myself, but my family as a whole. It is the value that I place upon Edward's love for you only that I even deign to explain this to you as you have demonstrated the need to do.

Do not attempt to address me in person about this. At least, not yet. If you feel the need to respond, do so via Milliways. I will not entertain any intercession from Edward on the topic at this juncture.

I will still uphold my word as given previously. I no longer do so willingly.


Dr. Carlisle Cullen, M.D.

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