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Carlisle-Meg, sicktimes.

Carlisle gently holds Meg a little bit tighter in one arm just long enough to reach out and turn the doorknob to the empty bedroom that Bar gave him access to for Meg.

"Forgive me," Carlisle starts. "But since I don't know who might be in the infirmary right now, I don't want to take a chance of not quarantining you."
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"That's very sensible," Meg says, "but I'm fine."

She blinks, several times, and decides that her eyelids feel a little too heavy.

"Or maybe I'm not fine."
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Meg considers this information, and then shakes her head.

"I can't have a fever.

"I don't have time to have a fever.

"We're gonna have to do this later," Meg decides, and attempts to stand up.
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Meg, now stuck in her chair, looks up at Carlisle. "If I agree with you, will you stop calling me 'Meghan'?

"I don't feel well at all," she adds.
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"Yesterday," Meg says, after a second's thought.

Unless she was down in the bar for a lot longer than she thinks she was.

"I had a bowl of soup for lunch.

"Well, I had part of a bowl of soup for lunch. It was chicken and there things floating in it, like carrots and noodles and stuff, and I didn't eat any of the things floating in it. I just had the liquid part. Does that still count? If it doesn't, then it was toast, at breakfast. Whole wheat, with strawberry jam.

"I'm not hungry, though.

"And I've had a lot to drink since then, mostly apple juice, because I thought maybe I was coming down with something, and liquids are important when you're coming down with something. Well, I guess they're important all the time, but especially when you're sick.

"And I'm talking too much. I should stop.

"My head hurts."
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Meg looks up at him and shakes her head. "I should probably go see a doctor, don't you think?"
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"Oh, right, you are."

He absolutely has credentials.

Horizontal is nice.

Meg can work with horizontal.

"I feel," she says, after a second, "like someone picked me up and very gently threw me into a wall.

"But nothing in particular.

"Except maybe my head."
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Protesting requires energy, and all of a sudden, Meg doesn't seem to have any.

Besides, he's a doctor.

So she just kind of half-nods.

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Meg opens her eyes and focuses on his face.

"That's that tone that means I'm your doctor and I'm about to have to tell you something I'd really rather not have to tell you, isn't it?"
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She absolutely wants to lie down.

She shakes her head.


"Everyone I knew had them when I was in kindergarten, but I didn't."
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"That's a little manipulative," Meg says, tiredly. "Jumping straight to don't make your fiance sick.

"You could have started with you don't want to fall behind in your classes and worked your way up."

Though it doesn't mean Carlisle is wrong. Meg doesn't actually know if Alain has had chicken pox, and she does know that they removed his spleen after the accident, so infection is always an issue.

"But okay."

Anything that doesn't mean she has to get up sounds good now.

"Is it warm in here?

"Or is that me?"

Meg brings the back of her own hand to her forehead, which is hardly the most effective way of checking for a fever.
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Carlisle's arm is very cool.

It actually feels nice.

"This is going to be really unpleasant, isn't it?" she asks.
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Meg's not wild about it herself.

Her nod turns into a coughing fit.
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Meg has not tried to move.

In fact, she's all but asleep when Carlisle comes back when the Carlisle-blur morphs into a Carlisle non-blur again.