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Dr. Carlisle Cullen ([personal profile] ofthefamily) wrote2010-04-28 09:23 pm

E/C. Ohio.

A week. Just a week. Carlisle kissed him and Edward was perfect in every singl --

"Stop that, please."

Carlisle smiles up at the ceiling, leaving his fingers entwined in peaks of brownish hair, its owner leaning back against Carlisle's ribs. "Stop what?"

"Stop thinking I am perfect. It's not necessary," and Carlisle adds what he hazards Edward's belief to be. That he thinks it is not true.

"I am entitled to my opinion, my Edward. You are still learning." Though you appear to be quite adept as certain new skill sets. I will have to work to keep up with you. Edward sits up at that, full speed, twisting to look straight at Carlisle watching him with an amused kind of expression - as though Carlisle expected it all.

What? Carlisle asks.

"I'm...simply surprised to hear you mention anything of that kind. You are not normally so deciphered."

Quietly, "Are you complaining?"

It is here that Edward leans forward. Hands drawn to muscles, pectoralis major and Edward's mouth curves up in an imperfect parethetical around his nose. Gold to gold, Edward's fingers curl to drag a few nails over Carlisle's skin.


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