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Edward-Carlisle, at Forks Hospital.

Carlisle has been keeping as much of an eye on Bella as he can given the fact that she doesn't precisely fall in his rotation at the moment, but it serves the double purpose of making sure that Edward doesn't skip too much school in order to stay with her. He uses the justification of making sure he retrieves her assignments in order to motivate him to go - Edward still continues to manage looking highly displeased at the whole affair.

Bella is asleep the next time Carlisle checks on her that afternoon, so Carlisle heads back to his office to catch up on paperwork.
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School's tedium only elongates itself now, when he has an objective and distraction. He never needed to focus before, now he lets himself get lost in that fact for things that spiral his thoughts continually.

He does not play the fool for any of these children right now. The ones in the desk or the ones at the boards. Nor for his family who range in reaction and injury. Save Alice. Always save Alice.

They understand.

What was almost lost. What was found.
What is still lost. What hasn't returned.

Needless to say once he's made it through that part of the day -- then having to absent Bella's room under a lack of subtly that could only be summed up by Cheif Swan's silent piercing dismissal -- it doesn't leave him smiling as he walked the hallway in the hospital waiting. Again.
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It's public. He should feign something near dutiful.
Responsiveness. Maybe it's the watch checking.
Even if he does entirely deserve it.

Edward simply looked up and slowed his gait.
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"My presence isn't required."
There's something almost wry in it.
The last word aloud doesn't match the thought.

Though why it would be. Required, or even wanted. And how much less it would be if Charlie Swan knew the whole truth of what had happened to his daughter. And why.
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There is probably a sense of give more than any sign.
Then Edward gave the smallest semblance of a shrug.
Small enough that anyone human would miss it.

But then he turned toward the door, and Carlisle.
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Edward settles for staring out the window behind Carlisle's desk first.
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Edward made a face, over his shoulder, toward the back of Carlisle's head. He doubts the sentiment is missed, even when it doesn't effect his tone.

"Time consuming."
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"No." It's probably better for Carlisle all the first comments weren't said. Honestly. Edward leaned against the window, on his right shoulder. "Your day?"

It's a bad attempt. But at least it is one?
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"Who gets the anonymous gift this time?"

All food had to go somewhere.
And not to their house.
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Edward scoffed.

Even though it did beg at least one different thought to question.
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Just because it's there, doesn't mean it's going anywhere.

"You could ask him. He'll say more than a few monosyllabic words to you."
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"I don't need to."

He already knew what Charlie thought of him.
It was far more sensible than what he could make of Bella.

(But at least the latter confounded him with some relief.)
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"There isn't a point in endangering him." Too.

But the sentiment and the sound are conflicted.
It's true. But he's still involved.
Both of her parents are.

She still had people.
Things none of them did, could.
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"He won't be susceptible the way Renee was."

Which might have been because she was so scattered.
Or because she didn't see things in the same black and white.

Or because she hadn't been there the night Bella left yelling and crying.

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