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Carlisle/Esme, phone call.

Edward and Carlisle in the hospital waiting room, Carlisle desperately trying to piece together how to have Edward focus on anything else besides his mental self-flagellation.

Carlisle doesn't succeed. He didn't expect to.

But the cell phone in his pocket buzzes and Carlisle reaches for it automatically, flipping it open.

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She's standing outside waiting for Rosalie to return. The other waiting was far more arduous. All of their family with Carlisle, when the stakes had shifted with drastic suddenness.

"We're still good here." So it was out of the way first. Officer Swan's house was still safe, as was his person. The lesser of concerns, but still important ones. "How's everything there?"
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The specificity and almost reluctance is evident in his voice. The assumption on that, and decades of circumstances, puts Edward somewhere very close by.

"Alice and Emmett and Jasper?"
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"The story?"

This part is not new.
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Esme winced without a sound and looked up through the trees toward the dark sky. She wanted her children all here with her. She wanted Carlisle here with her. They would be fine, and it was best Edward or any of them were not alone in this, but they were all stronger together.

"That should do it. Any time frame on when we'll know how she's doing?"
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"I do, too." She looked to the south, to the sound of running feet and then the sound that could only be Rosalie. One closer for the moment. Small steps to managing the first disaster in a good while. "I love you."
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"Over here." That one is to Rose, as Esme jumps from the branches to the ground. Her attention is still on Carlisle though, even as her eyebrows rose in a question, grateful and annoyed when her daughter shook her head.

"I will. Tell them all that I love them, and to be safe, as well." No more bad news tonight. Let them have that at least now? "Call me when your find out more. Or in an hour just to tell me what the update on Bella is then?"