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Things have been settling down at chez Cullen. Enough that Carlisle actually bothers with the television set.

He's laughing at the History Channel.
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"What have they got wrong this time?" Alice murmurs as she leans on the back of the couch.
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"Educational, if it wasn't the millionth time I've heard a lecture on World War II. Lecture me on something I didn't live through." She rolls her eyes.
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She sighs, a soft exhale of unneeded air. "Carlisle."

Alice comes around the couch and sits on the opposite side of him. "It's over."

It's as much for her benefit as it is for his. Her eyes are haunted with the constant searching for proof they still messed things up, even if they'd never know.
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She stares down at her legs, picking at the hem of her shirt. "I'm sorry."
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"Not until she was already here." Alice glances up at him, watching him. "She came out of nowhere. Who is she?"
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"Etoile." She murmurs, still watching him. "She's...different. I mean, obviously if she can just...show up here."
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"Is it dangerous?" Alice asks, feeling odd for being the one to ask it. This is Rosalie's place, or Esme's.

She's the impetuous daughter. She knows and plays her part well. But after Volterra...well, they don't need another incident just yet.
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"I wonder if I've ever tasted a gummy bear." Alice murmurs idly.

"Carlisle." She whispers his name, suddenly seized by the need to tell him this. To change the subject just for a moment. Star concerns her but--

"I did not make the decision to follow lightly, okay? But I had no other choice."
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"I just...I needed to make sure." She whispers, fiddling with the rings on her fingers. "I'd never put Jasper and Edward into unneeded danger."
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"Okay." She nods, softly, still fiddling.

She thinks about the house Jasper offered her and she thinks about leaving Carlisle. "I'll always be around to make sure you're safe, Papa."
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"Doubt it," She says as she leans against him. "We've seen everything at least once."
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She sighs unhappily at the memory of that game. Stupid Bowser.

"Let's just watch TCM. Classic and good and never gets old."