ofthefamily: (Dr. Cullen)
Dr. Carlisle Cullen ([personal profile] ofthefamily) wrote2009-11-22 09:34 am

After Volterra, at work.

Work is a refuge for Carlisle as much as it is a livelihood for his family, their veneer of normalcy.

Even if Carlisle has started to see things.

She appears the first few times just for a second. A girl with unmistakable bright blue eyes and golden-white braids in a grey hoodie in the walkway at the hospital watching him when he has a crisis to deal with and can't stop to think about it. Watching him solemnly, and when he looks up, he sees her just in time for someone to pass in front of her and she's gone with inhuman speed.

It's even gone so far as to walk outside the ambulance bay, swearing he saw a flash of blond and fleece he recognized.

Long day, he surmises. Time to hang up the lab coat in the office and clock out.

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